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young, fragile, hurting, attempting to believe that this life I'm living is precious at every moment. An average introvert, needing to get away but always wanting to go back.

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a summer like mine has never been so real… it scares me to think of all that has happened, and all the choices I’ve made through out. It also scares me, really, truly, scares me. How much of what is now, would’ve been gone if I had chosen those certain decisions. Wow. Just wow. You win, 2014. 

Oh most definitely will I cry, if I ever have to tell my story. I’ve practically been saved, deep down though, still there, always hiding behind the curve on my face. 

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I’m going through a “Holy shit, white boys are hot” phase 

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Franz Dvorak, The Siblings (Detail), 19th/20th Century