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young, fragile, hurting, attempting to believe that this life I'm living is precious at every moment. An average introvert, needing to get away but always wanting to go back.

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Cudi speaking on depression 


You know those pictures of people holding Starbucks or bottles of water on this website well this should be the new trend

it’s been a while since I’ve last updated anybody with where my life stands at the moment.. and all I can really say is, “I’m just tired.” For some reason, it seems to be my go-to phrase when someone asks if I’m okay. Obviously, I’m not. Everything hurts. I know, it’s typical for a teenage-girl to blog about how high school is hell & what’s one more blog written by a teenage-girl going to change that usual perspective? It won’t. It’s tiring. Not even half way through this and you’re probably already calling bull sh*t. (Perfectly fine. Do your thing, just hear me out.) 

There hasn’t been a day where “you’re too blessed to be stressed” hasn’t ran through my head this year. I do believe I’m blessed. Oh heck yeah, I’m blessed. Different kind of blessed? It’s utterly possible. Blessed with stress. For a 5”, 16-year old girl, having less than 6 hours of sleep isn’t healthy, crying from just staring at a wall just by the plethora of thoughts running through my head shouldn’t be healthy. Really, I’m not saying I’m depressed even if the symptoms do occur or I need help or that high school is hell and drop out… I’m saying, make the preponderance wisest choices in life. Distinctly in high school. I can definitely say “No regrets” my ass. Many, many, many (+45 more many’s) of the choices within the 2 finished years of high school, I oh-most definitely regret.

Oh & shout out to the people who don’t have this problem. Keep on doing what you’re doing. 

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a summer like mine has never been so real… it scares me to think of all that has happened, and all the choices I’ve made through out. It also scares me, really, truly, scares me. How much of what is now, would’ve been gone if I had chosen those certain decisions. Wow. Just wow. You win, 2014. 

Oh most definitely will I cry, if I ever have to tell my story. I’ve practically been saved, deep down though, still there, always hiding behind the curve on my face. 

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I’m going through a “Holy shit, white boys are hot” phase 

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Franz Dvorak, The Siblings (Detail), 19th/20th Century